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New customer referral program terms and conditions:

  1. The newly referred customer can not be a current customer of the services being referred to them.
  2. The newly referred customer will be required to maintain their account in good standing for no less than 31 (thirty-one) days. Upon completions of the 31 days, a check will then be issued for the amount of the referral reward to the person who referred the new customer.
  3. Referral rewards are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.
  4. There are no limitation for the number of referrals from one person.
  5. TSC Digital is not the service provider and can not be held liable for performance issues with any services sold or installed.
  6. TSC Digital is an authorized retailer for the service providers represented in the referral program.
  7. All information must be filled out on the referral form in order to be eligible to receive a reward.
  8. TSC Digital Entertainment referral rewards can not be combined with any other referral promotions advertised and/or supported by the service providers.

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